2D and 3D Animation for Digital Marketing

2D and 3D animation marioThere are two types of animation: two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D). In the past, 2D animation was created by hand, with illustrators creating backgrounds and characters that filled our Saturday morning TV shows. As its name suggests, 2D animation is flat, its elements carrying little sense of depth; like a drawing come to life. Meanwhile, 3D animation once made using small stop-motion figures, is produced with powerful software that allows the creation of complete environments and convincing characters, using shading, lighting effects, and even multiple camera angles.

Nowadays, the vast majority of animation is created with computers. Animation is used in countless ways outside the big-budget world of Hollywood feature film and television. Commercials, web videos, social media posts, corporate videos, training and safety videos and more.

Computer animation is so common nowadays we barely even notice it. Although it can all be done on a desktop PC, a lot of work goes into those videos. Work that combines creative and technical skills. It’s important to work with animators who really know their stuff.

A Smooth Production Process

We can create 2D and 3D animation of any type and scale. We start with development of the concept, execute all the design components, and produce the all-important storyboards so you can get a sense of what the final product will look like. The final stage is creating the animation itself, which is created in accordance with your brand and corporate identity.

Want to see some samples of 2D and 3D Animation? Click below on one of the videos.

2D and 3D Animation Portfolio


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