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Google Analytics: Use Your Data

Google is far more than a mere search engine. Not only does it connect ordinary people to search results, it also provides a wealth of data to website operators on how their site is received and used. Google Analytics allows us to understand just about everything when it comes to your website.

This precious insight shows us how customers interact with your site. Where are they located? What device are they using? How long are they staying on your website, and which pages are they visiting? Are they finding what they’re looking for, or are they leaving disappointed? These and many other pieces of information can help us tweak your site to increase visitors and boost conversions.

Google Analytics

Data is like The Force of the Internet. It allows for tight security, narrowly-focused marketing and an intensely personalized web experience. Without the widespread use of data, the Internet would be a very different, random place.

Knowing Which Digital Analytics Tools to Use

Mining the data for useful insight takes real know-how. But as a Google Partner, we are experts in the use of Google products, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Tags, among many other apps needed to gather and process data.

Other analytical tools, such as Clicktale, allow us to record the actions of an actual visitor to your site in order to play back their entire experience. It’s a remarkable tool that lets us catch errors and correct anything that might steer users in the wrong direction.

In other words, we won’t just build your website and then abandon it to its fate – we watch it carefully, gather data and use it to ensure all your marketing efforts are directed in exactly the right way. There is no guesswork and nothing random. Everything we do is backed by hard numbers.

Google Analytics

Stay on Top of Your Digital Analytics and Data

Because digital analytics play such a key role in the success of every website and app, you must continually monitor and analyze your data to understand all that it’s telling you. We provide regular, detailed reports on your website’s performance. This way, you’re always kept up to speed and we keep it straightforward so you can make sense of all the data.

It is absolutely critical to make proper use of your analytics. Doing so ensures you make the best use of your marketing dollars. By continuously tweaking your campaigns as necessary, we maximize your ROI. And it’s all based on real data, never assumptions.

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