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There is so much more to a logo than just a catchy symbol. It sums up your vision, your values and what you have to offer the world. It is, in other words, a visual representation of your brand. And yet, amazingly, so many companies are driven to create a logo that’s generic, plain and empty of meaning. The truth is, like anything else that requires creativity, logos have to be made with heart and passion – and if they’re not there’s just no point. We’ve all seen such bland logos, but we can’t recall them, simply because they’re imminently forgettable. Oh, but the great logos, we all remember those. The logos that stand the test of time, the logos that people are proud to display, the logos that connect with people, stir aspirations and evoke excitement.

We’ll Never Take the Easy Way Out

At Huge Impact, we understand how important a good logo is. We don’t just throw together a few vague doodles, we generate meaningful concepts that reflect your corporate identity. All art is original and crafted by skilled illustrators – we never use stock photography. Like everything we do, the logos we create make us proud. And we’re confident they’ll make you proud, too.

Don’t think of a new logo in terms of colour or shape; definitely don’t think of it in reference to other, more familiar logos. Think of it in terms of emotion: bold, confident, graceful and so on. This is the foundation of all great logos.

It’s Your Logo and Your Choice

When you get right down to it, the process for creating a logo isn’t about us, it’s about you. That’s why we collaborate and work with you throughout the entire project. You’re involved in the creation of preliminary designs, you sign off on all changes and revisions, and you choose the final concept that perfectly represents your company. We’re always happy to share our thoughts and ideas. Contact us to start the conversation!

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