Decon Environmental Remediation


The Client

Based in Toronto Ontario, Decon Environmental Remediation is a property damage restoration and environmental remediation firm serving communities in Southern Ontario.

In business since 2009, the company specializes in the removal of hazardous substances like mould, asbestos and lead from homes and businesses.

Decon Enviro also performs disaster recovery services to restore properties after damage from fire, flood or other disastrous circumstances.

The Marketing Challenge

Decon Enviro relied on industry contacts and customer referrals to keep them busy for several years. This word-of-mouth advertising provided a steady stream of business, but it was clear that if the company wanted to expand, they were going to have to increase their online presence to grow their business.

The previous version of the website had sparse content and garnered little attention online. The company wasn’t getting enough leads through their site, and it was difficult to track conversions from the leads they did receive.

The site was not designed to be compatible with mobile and tablet devices, and the imagery did not convey the breadth of the company’s expertise.

The Solution

The site was redesigned to keep up with modern technology and was made to be compatible with mobile and tablet devices. It is search engine friendly with a clearly organized header and service imagery.

User-friendly service funnels show new users what services Decon Enviro offers as soon as they enter the site.

Rich media like videos and enhanced images showcase the company’s expertise and give prospects a feel for the depth and scale of their work.

An easy-to-use contact form collects email leads for the company.

Dedicated pages for each service the company offers also serve as proper landing pages to increase organic search results.

The phone number is instantly visible no matter what page of the site a visitor lands on. This is crucial in an emergency when customers need immediate service. Since many of the company’s calls are on an urgent basis, this is the primary form of customer leads. Integrated call tracking easily identifies which phone calls come from organic search, paid search, referral and direct traffic.

Google Analytics collects valuable data and about the sources of visitors and leads.

Continuous traffic comes to the site through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords Search, Remarketing and Display Ad Campaigns.

Social media pages were developed to drive traffic to the site from additional sources.

Fresh content is delivered through site through articles and blog posts that engage, inform and empower homeowners to take charge in an emergency and to be prepared in case disaster strikes.

We Deliver Results!

Since the launch of the new site, the call volume from organic search and PPC traffic has increased by 415% and the Google Ad search campaign has a conversion rate of over 10%.

Decon Enviro now has a clear understanding of what sources are driving new business leads, and they have achieved their goal of substantial growth since creating a strong online presence.

As the company grows and changes, their digital marketing strategy is poised to adapt to their evolving needs.

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