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The Client

Timely News is a company based in Toronto, Canada that delivers breaking news stories about business, technology and hot-button political and social issues from around the world.

These thought-provoking, offbeat stories are often missed by the mainstream media and they otherwise might not get the exposure they deserve.

The Marketing Challenge

To achieve their goal of reaching a large audience with interesting articles while they were still relevant, Timely News needed a backend system that would allow multiple writers to post at the same time, while providing access to an editor, a moderator, and system administrators – all simultaneously.

Other challenges the news organization faced:

The editor needed an alert every time a writer posted a new story so that it could be reviewed, approved and published live on the site quickly.

They website needed to be monetized through advertising placements and ad networks.

To meet the strict requirements of Google and Bing News for classification as an online news site, they had to meet stringent quality guidelines.

Building audience relationships was key to their success as a news site, so to maintain a steady touch-point with their readership, they wanted to create opt-in alerts about the top new stories on the site.

They knew they needed a strong presence on a variety of social media platforms, and they needed to be able to share every single news article quickly and easily.

The also needed a reliable hosting infrastructure that was scalable to handle both rapid user growth and fluctuating traffic levels.

Finally, they needed accurate data about their website performance and visitor habits to assist with content curation.

The Solution

The Timely News website is a mobile and tablet friendly news site that is built on a WordPress backend system.

Different permission levels provide appropriate, concurrent access for writers, administrators and the Editor. The editor receives an automatic notification of every new story that is ready for review prior to publication.

A Google News plugin meets all of Google’s technical requirements and allows the site to be classified as an online news source.

Accounts are active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr. A plugin posts breaking news articles to the Timely News social media accounts. While this process is automated, the Editor has the option to write custom headlines and content for any post.

A newsletter that is integrated with MailChimp advises readers of breaking news stories when they are published on the site.

Affiliate links and Google Adsense provide a source of revenue for the site.

Google Analytics gathers valuable data about where site visitors are coming from and what content piques their interest, which in turn helps Timely News provide more stories that resonate with their audience.

Traffic is directed to the site through PR Campaigns and continuous Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We Deliver Results!

Timely News received more than 5,000 visits in the first month after launch. Approximately 70% of the traffic comes through organic search results, and a further 20% is fueled by their presence on social media.

Timely News has a clear understanding of the sources that drive visitors and of the types of posts that are the most popular. The site is gaining a solid foothold in the aggressive world of internet news outlets, thanks to their solid online presence.

In a fiercely competitive business like online news, responsive digital marketing strategies are a must. We stay ahead of the curve and deliver the latest in innovative solutions.

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