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Social Media Marketing – Connecting With Your Customers

Social media marketingSocial media has transformed the world, bringing together friends and family, building professional networks and even serving as a modern meeting-hall for revolution. But from a business standpoint, social media offers impressive opportunities to reach customers both current and potential through direct engagement.

The tricky part is knowing how to use social media to your advantage. People can be sensitive. You can’t be overly obvious or pushy, but you can’t be too passive either. Engaging and appealing content generates interest. Simply throwing together a Facebook page or creating a Pinterest account won’t magically drum up business. Your social presence must be managed professionally.

We’ve Got This Social Thing Figured Out

When Huge Impact sets up a social media campaign, we create client profiles in all the major networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. But whatever the platform, we have loads of experience creating and maintaining a presence that brings in business.

Not only do we build accounts and craft all design elements, we employ a top-notch writing team to create posts that command the attention of readers. We respond to questions and comments, engage with fans, moderate discussions and keep an eye out for spam.

Despite slick promises from the many hucksters out there, you can’t just throw together a social media campaign. It takes skill, hard work and planning. A mere social media page isn’t enough. You need a real content marketing strategy to build a presence and connect with customers.

Spreading the word socially

Build It, Grow It, Track It

Some people like to dive in with both feet, and that’s great if you need a ton of followers right away – in which case we can launch an intensive PPC campaign on Facebook (as an example) to gain followers and likes at a rapid rate. Or if your goal is a more incremental, sustained effort, we can build a social media campaign gradually. Maybe we start with one post per day to focus on attracting new followers and steadily increasing your brand visibility. As your social media presence grows, we decide whether or not to ramp up the output of your content. We participate in group discussions and follow other individuals and companies to get on their radar, all while spreading awareness of you, your products and services, and especially your brand.

We track your campaigns and send you monthly reports that let you see how well we’re doing. We leave nothing to chance and there are no “Hail Mary” passes. We apply skill and experience to ensure that everything we do adds value to your business.

Here’s a small sample of social media banners we’ve designed in the past:

Social Media Portfolio

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