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Web developmentIt’s not easy to choose someone to develop your website. In this business, people will promise you the moon, the sun and the sky, and then fail miserably to deliver. The site might not work the way you wanted, or look the way you wanted, and chances are it will be really hard to use. You’ll have blown your budget and wound up with a product that fails to attract visitors and convert them into customers. So why trust us?

We Have What It Takes

We have immense experience developing websites that embody every level of complexity, from simple HTML to sophisticated PHP web apps and of course solid, secure e-commerce sites. It doesn’t matter what flavour of code the situation calls for, we’re masters of every programming language and web standard, and we thoroughly test your website to make sure it works in every browser and every device. We know what we’re doing, we understand your needs, and we know that every site we build will only benefit you – and us – if we do it right.

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A Website You Can Use

We know that there’s a lot more to websites than what the customer sees: there’s the all-important, but all-too-often overlooked backend. The best website in the world is useless if it takes a doctorate in computer science to update the site or blog. That’s why we offer a streamlined, custom content management system (CMS), or make use of dependable open-source solutions like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Everything on the site will be at your command, including images, text, user accounts and more – you can change and update all of it. After all, it’s your website, you should be able to safely make changes anytime, anywhere.

Your Site, Just the Way You Want It

You, the client, will always be involved in the development process from start to finish. We don’t upsell and we don’t bother with empty sales pitches. Templates? Forget it, we don’t use them – unless you really, really want one! Our one and only goal is to create a unique website that reflects your needs, your priorities and your values. We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t copy/paste. We aim to exceed your expectations, meet your budget and beat your deadline.

We’re proud of every site we’ve built and will be proud of yours, too.

Building a website is one of those endeavors that combines art as well as science. Today’s websites have reached astonishing levels of sophistication and interactivity by incorporating pictures, videos, animation and more. And if that wasn’t enough, websites are expected to interact with many different devices too. It takes a disciplined mind to program websites today, but it takes a creative mind to truly comprehend it all and make it work.

Our website portfolio is far too large to post here, but here are some examples of our work.

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